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Rosalynd Shuff

About Me



I am an artist in the Pacific Northwest. I want to share the beauty in my backyard with the world. It gives me an excuse to explore my coastline with new eyes and see it through the language of lights and darks.

I feel honored to witness the brief moments of beauty and to capture them in paint. When the dark dreary days drag on, to find the beauty in the grays. To rejoice in the sun beams through tree branches and the comforting cycle of daily tides. 

My current medium is watercolor, capturing the many moods of the sea in the Pacific Northwest. I am a lifelong ocean lover, and have been chasing waves around the world with my surfboard and my paintbrush.

My philosophy on art is much like music. As music is a feeling you can hear, art is a feeling you can see. My favorite art quote comes from an anonymous 4 year old,

"You just think something and run a line around your think. "

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