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Taking Chances

There is that voice in our head that tells us we won't reach that goal or hit that mark or that we are not good enough or true enough or real enough.

I took a chance and participated in a community art show. There were artists from all over the Pacific Northwest. There was glass work and paintings and collages. The theme was "Celebrate the Square." I tried some abstract square art and I tried some out of the box thinking involving square shapes. It was frustrating and I eventually ended up scrapping everything I started.

I went back to some of my favorite tiny paintings I had already completed and re painted them onto a square canvas.

One of the paintings received an honorable mention. From a real artist as a judge. At a real art gallery. In front of so many other beautiful pieces and talented REAL artists.

How cool is that?? I am shocked, honored, proud... so many things!

I almost chickened out turning anything in. I was intimidated. I didn't think I was ENOUGH to have a piece of art in a gallery. It was too stressful, too nerve racking.... a bit like someone reading your diary. Except now the diary pages were hanging on a wall for ANYONE to look at.

And yet?

There is a green ribbon hanging next to a painting in a small gallery in a small town. I took a chance despite the voice inside my head telling me I was not ENOUGH.

Create something. Take a chance. Don't listen to the voice inside your head that tells you otherwise. You might be surprised by what comes your way.

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