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Why Art?

There is something magical about creating art. It gives us a space to explore textures, lights and colors, and add in extra pizzaz to a composition. For the creator, there is an endless amount of joy and frustration in making things. For the viewer? Well, I hope there is a spark of inspiration and encouragement to find your creative self.

I never thought I was "good enough" at most things in life. While training for a marathon, I would scramble out of the way of the 'real runners' that were in the same path. Did I finish an official marathon with an official time? Yes, but it still didn't seem like it made me a "real" runner. My pace was too slow, my pace put me at the back of the pack, and I never felt like the graceful gazelle runners that flew by me. My persistence was the reason I continued to train and continued to sign up for those ridiculous races.

I have painted various things throughout my life. I have large canvasses that hang on my wall in my home. They have never been in the public light.

So here I am, showing my creative work. It is a job that I love to do in my free time. I love the playlists that I pick and the brushes that I hold. I love the hiking and the scenery I experience on my voyages to gather inspiration. I hope it inspires you to show your own creative self to the world as well. There are plenty of squares, and plenty of boxes to fit into... but maybe... just maybe...

A few of us can step out and shine.

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